Hey chicas!! Thank You Very Much for stopping by and visiting Fashionista Styles. I’m Niurka Davis, the voice of Fashionista Styles where I call this my little sanctuary and can let my hair down a bit and do what I love. I use this as my outlet to post, inspire, and share my love for fashion, beauty, and all things glam! I am a USF marketing graduate and have made the Tampa Bay area my home with my amazing husband, my beautiful girls, and our lovely Malti-Poo Kliche’.


My goal here is to inspire you to be fabulous regardless of where you are and what your budget is like. I love to encourage women to find themselves, love who they are, and to express themselves not just with your words, but with your outer appearance as well.

At Fashionista Styles you will have the honor of meeting me up close and personal with my real life and sometimes bizarre stories, my personal style, my marriage experiences, my parenting tips and challenges, and fashion tips that many professional shoppers and stylists seem to forget to mention to us. What’s up with that!?

I truly believe that there is an inner DIVA in each and every one of you, you just have to accept who you are, embrace what God has gifted you with, and learn just how to work with what you have! Remember, Confidence is EVERYTHING!


For more information on our services or to have me speak at one of your engagements, be sure to contact us here and visit our services page.



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