Bare Essentials Makeup

Most people who have a facial care regimen are careful to cleanse their face and moisturize daily. Cleansing and moisturizing keeps the face hydrated and helps to reduce the negative signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and dead skin cells. But, when a person goes to the effort to stick with a regimen that will help their skin to stay healthy at night, why would they not take the same care when they are getting ready for their day each morning. Bare essentials makeup provides a way for a person to protect and care for the face with long lasting makeup choices that will keep your face healthy.

The ingredients in most makeup are chemically based. Even when a makeup states that it contains some type of natural ingredient, when you look at the label, you will see that the number of chemicals in the makeup far outweighs any good that the natural ingredient could do.

In many cases, the natural ingredients in most makeup is counteracted by the harsh chemicals that can clog the pores of the face, cause allergic reactions, and attract dirt while it is sticking to the face. A person would not knowingly put harsh chemicals into food they eat or clothes they wear and yet, many harsh chemicals are making their way to one of the most sensitive part of our bodies.

Deciding to use natural bare essentials makeup does not mean that you are giving up the color and vibrancy of your makeup. You will be able to get the same fresh look using a makeup that contains iron oxide as you will from the chemical dyes that are used in unnatural products.

One of the great features of a bare essentials makeup is the fact that the powders that are made of all natural ingredients and contain zinc oxide also have a minimum 15 SPF. The healthy glow that you get from the powder is a result of using mother of pearl which adds a natural shimmer to your face without creating the unnatural shiny surface that some powders offer.

The most noticeable difference that you will find when you first use bare essentials makeup will be that it feels lighter than your regular makeup. While it has the same long lasting abilities, there are no chemicals that make it adhere to your face. Most people don’t feel like they are wearing makeup at all.

The powder that is used in bare essentials makeup readily absorbs moisture and oil and the makeup will not fade or cake up during the day even in the heat. Because of this ability, the need to reapply makeup periodically is removed. By the same token, the makeup is easy to remove at night.

bare essentials makeup

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