Boutique Shany eye shadow 40 color palette

eyeshadow Boutique Shany, 40 color palette

  • 40 neon, vivid, shimmering colors
  • High quality, durable
  • trendy and stylish
  • Eyeshadow

  • Fits into any handbag, 10 “X 4”
  • With 40 colors, did you know that all Shany collection are made, assembled, cherry picked, inspected and hand? There is no machine made eye shadows in this collection and each individual eye shadow is placed in a range of hand, as we see in the pictures. Rainbow Color has been the top selling brand in department stores and beauty salons. Shany beauty products are leaders in the market because their quality pigments are always on top of the line. This particular eye shadow set is a


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    5 thoughts on “Boutique Shany eye shadow 40 color palette

    1. T. Casto

      Review by T. Casto for SHANY Boutique Eyeshadow, 40 Color Palette
      I did email first and was told the eyeshadow would look most like pictures 3 and 4. Each color is a little smaller than a US dime. The darker colors are great. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using an eyeshadow primer, such as Urban Decay Primer Potion, before applying these colors as it will make the colors stay on a lot long, appear more vibrant and you’ll be able to use less makeup for a brighter look. Trust me, girls, if you don’t have a primer, GET ONE! 🙂 I’ve added a picture of my actual set above, it closely resembles the sellers 4th picture. I like how it has a huge mirror in the case. I personally think this is a great deal for the money. I use a lot of MAC, Urban Decay and Smashbox eyeshadows, and I feel, if used with a primer, these colors will do just as well if you’re on a budget. Even though you don’t get a ton of each color, they’re more pigmented than drugstore brands, like Cover Girl, Wet n’ Wild, etc., so you need less when applying.

    2. A. Edwards

      Review by A. Edwards for SHANY Boutique Eyeshadow, 40 Color Palette
      I bought this because it had a multitude of colors for such a cheap price. While the shadows may be small, they are nicely pigmented and when used with a primer they are great. Very good for the money conscious make-up lover or colorful college student.

    3. G. Alfonsin

      Review by G. Alfonsin for SHANY Boutique Eyeshadow, 40 Color Palette
      Great colors, wear nice with primer or without. Good selection and combination to create any look. Small portable case, if you are buying this item, make sure you look at pics 3 & 4 , those are the exact colors you will receive if you decide to purchase them. Would recommend to beginners, to people who like to experiment with make up, or anyone who is looking for some color fun!

    4. M. Platas

      Review by M. Platas for SHANY Boutique Eyeshadow, 40 Color Palette
      beside the good price and good quality, I should say it has the best color ever. picture shows all the light color ,but i got all the hot colors, all metalic shades, kinda sexy tan shades, not so many pinks and yellows, it was mostly medium dark tan colors. I will buy more


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