Celeb Check: Kim Kardashian’s Stella McCartney Jacket

Earlier this week we saw the lovely kim Kardashian sporting aneutral, but classic look. Kim mentioned that 2012 she was trying out neutral, clean looks. here is what she says:

I’ve been keeping my fashion very nude and neutral so far this year and dressing my looks up slightly with different scarves!

I really like ths look because the jacket that she is wearing is definitely a statement piece. It has a very chic two-toned color and looks perfect with all black. Since she is into scarves these days, she is rocking a nude scarf as well that fits the whole ensemble fabulously.

Let’s take a look at what she wore:

 Ok, so she is wearing the Stella McCartney two-toned jacket with all black, a nude scarf, and the killer (literally!) heels by Casadei. Just those two pieces are $2532 so let’s not talk about the rest of the outfit tha she is wearing. If you are looking for this exact look and your money is looooooong, here ya go:


However, if you are like me and want to get a simliar look for less check these babies out!





There You have it! A fabulous outfit that can be pieced together quickly and most importantly inexpensively! :)