celebrity inspired dresses

Celebrity Inspired Dresses

So it seems like everyone wants to get a hold of celebrity inspired dresses these days. I can definitely attest to the feeling because, I would also like to have the never ending dollars to go towards a nice Alexander McQueen dress, a matching Berkin Bag, and a fierce pair of Louboutins to pull the outfit together.

Unfortunately, some of us will have to settle for the celebrity inspired dresses that are much more cost effective and do not carry the heavy price tag. If you notice the trend in dresses, many of the celebrities that we love are wearing nicely fitted dresses (sometimes called bandage dresses). From Lindsay Lohan to Amanda Bynes to Victoria Beckham you just name any of these beauties and you’ll definitely find the super cool bandage dresses worn at one or the other event.

There are a bunch of celebrity inspired dresses that have the “bandage” style. The good thing about it is that these dresses seem to grab your body nicely and they hug your shape like a glove. They also do not have to be dressy. Don’t think that because they are celebrity inspired dresses, they have to be for evening events because there are many dresses out there to choose from that are not as dressy as you think.




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