Dresses and Sneakers…

Hi Chicas!

I hope you all are doing great! This weekend I have been trying to get my house in order. Unpacking boxes, looking at old photos, and reminiscing about the old days. Isn’t it fun to go through old pics? I saw a few that I need to shred, some that I need to frame, and some that really showed me how much I have grown and moved away from some of those “crazy” days. I wasn’t always saved y’all! lol

Anywho… I saw this outfit on one of my favorite bloggers Eboni over at The Fashionista Next Door and I thought that I could definitely replicate this outfit since I have had a sweater dress for a while that I am not too enthused about.I did add a splash of color because..well, cause i just can’t help myself most of the time.  Here is the look:

Dress: Ross Jean Jacket: Thrifted (Old Navy) Shoes: Nike Shox (hubby bought a LONG time ago) Bag: Amazon Jewelry: A little Mix of Premier Designs, The Shop Boutique, and Gifted Watch and Tennis bracelet

This was the perfect outfit for today. I was serving with the 3 year olds at church today and I always like to be casual cute when I am in the class with the kids. I was cute from the legs up and I had my sneakers on in case I needed to chase down a child. LOL.. I didn’t have to do that today…thankfully!

Today was going to be my first day taking outside photos with my hubby’s camera and guess what? I took a pic of him and then all of a sudden it started to rain. I of course had to run back in house since I just flat ironed my frizzy, thick hair…so sadly, all the photos are inside, BUT they are with his camera, so maybe a little better than before….my hair is frizzy though. I will have to do some research on how models pose since my husband thinks that I don’t have what it takes to be a model….i’ll show em’! Or not since I don’t intend on modeling for no one, other than him that is! 😉

Anyhow….what do you think of the look? Will you be able to pull off this look?

Have a fantabulous week ahead of you Chicas and remember to keep it classy!;)


  1. You look very pretty! Love the sneakers!

  2. You’re right about crazy old pics! lol Love how you added the pop of color, specifically the necklace… love it!

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