Happy Valentine’s Day Darlings!

Just wanted to wish all of you beautiful  ladies a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I have been having a TOUGH time with my camera, trying to coordinate pics and then trying to figure out where to pictures at 6am, and then trying to edit them! Anyhow, I pray all of you ladies had a wonderful time today and you were spoiled rotten! 

Although the photos don’t do the outfit justice, I absolutely love this! The tweed jacket has several tones of pink, white, cream, purple, and navy. I wore a navy blue cami and the pants are actually pink and white pinstripes, which don’t show that well either. I wore my super old white Bakers shoes that I have had for a loooong while.And of course, my jewelry is Premier! 😉

Again, I hope you enjoyed your day as I did! Hubby had a nice candlelight dinner for me and the girlies today. I did got pink flowers(LOVE, LOVE,LOVE PINK), cutesy champange glasses, MAC makeup, and my FlowerBomb perfume! Woot Woot!! Kuddos to him!

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