Letting Go…

Hope you ladies are having a wonderful day! I have definitely enjoyed my day, though I am extremely tired from being a “cheer mom” and traveling with 30 cheerleaders. I can still hear the noise in my head…

Today it has really been in my spirit to truly let go of things and hand them over to God. As I watch children, they are free, uncut, and are not afraid of speaking up and saying what they feel or what is in their heart. Sometimes as adults we dwell too much on what other will think about our ideas, what the outcome will be, and whether or not we will be accepted or not.

It is really time to have that “kid-like” mindset and step out in faith and do what we believe in! Letting go of fear and anything holding us back is the beginning of a different future!

Now…as far as my OOTD….here is what i wore:

A lot of black and a little splash of white. I love the look and think that black is always a great color that you can use as  base to add a splash of anything else!Hope you like it as much as i do!

Blouse, Jeans, Blazer: Thrifted! Bag & Shoes: Ross Jewelry: Premier Designs

Have a great one chicas! 😉

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