Mineral Makeup Brush

There are many types, sizes and shapes of mineral makeup brushes. What is the major difference among these brushes? Well, the bristles of these brushes are made from different materials. The two main categories of bristles are synthetic and natural. Synthetic brushes are normally made of polyester filaments like nylon and taklon. Both types of brushes can be soft and last for years.

Although synthetic brushes are easier to maintain and less prone to damage from chemicals compared to natural ones. Natural bristles are much more suitable for powder applications. Natural makeup brushes are made from actual animal products like squirrel hair, pony hair and goat hair. So, if you do not like products made from animal products, simply opt for those that are synthetic and have a soft feel to them.
Mineral makeup is the latest trend among cosmetic products. There are several benefits of using mineral makeup compared to chemical based makeup. Aside from being kinder to your skin, mineral-based cosmetics are more natural looking when applied properly than traditional cosmetics.

If you tend to get skin problems like acne or dryness easily, then try mineral makeup. Apart from giving a wonderful natural glow to your face, mineral makeup is more ‘natural’ compared to chemical based makeup. Your skin benefits by being able to breath since mineral makeup does not clog the pores.

Mineral makeup is more expensive than regular chemical based ones. But, they could last much longer due to their inorganic compounds. And you may end up saving the ‘extra’ money in the long run. Since the composition for mineral makeup is much different than regular makeup, using regular makeup brushes for applying mineral makeup is not necessarily a good idea.

You should use a mineral makeup brush which is specially made for mineral makeup. Mineral makeup brushes can apply mineral makeup smoothly and easily. If you use other regular types of brushes, they may apply the makeup especially the powdered applications a bit too much. Your make up may end up looking uneven and too obvious.

Mineral makeup has a different texture than regular makeup, even powder. It is lighter in texture compared to regular ones. A mineral makeup brush might be more expensive than regular makeup brushes, but for the money, you’ll be better off. Some companies offer a starter make-up tool kit together with their mineral makeup, so that can be a way to save money and enjoy a great product.

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