My Madness Behind Thrifting and How to Thrift Shop 101

So I am sure that by now you have realized that momma’s clothes are mostly thrifted, right? And if you don’t then you will soon find out that I absolutely love thrifting….everything about it to be exact!

I have people ask me all of the time where I found the cute shirt, the blazer, the scarf and so on and when I respond with the thrift store the face that I usually end up getting is either surprised OR disgusted. LOL…no really. (I will say that maybe 1 out of 10 results are the disgusted ones.) Nonetheless, those that are intrigued by my response are in awe that I found it at a thrift store and they usually want to know a little more about it. So here is my 101 on how to thrift shop. I guess before I give you the rundown and walk you through my experience, I do want to share with you the reason behind why I thrift shop.

At first, I will say that I thought differently of thrift shopping. Growing up my mom did go to the thrift store and find clothes, household goods and I honestly was embarrassed. I thought that people would judge me and I didn’t want to be seen in the place. I can still remember being in the thrift store one day, the Goodwill near my house which was also near the neighborhood where friends lived and I happened to see a classmate there. I literally was trying to hide in the store and then I was really embarrassed that she saw me. LOL. That was pretty ridiculous since she was ALSO there with her mom.

Anyhow…fast forward to meeting my husband, I ended up meeting his favorite auntie (WE LOVE THIS WOMAN) and she is a die hard thrift shopper. I mean REALLY…she knows what days to go, where to go, what the discount days are and all that good stuff. Well, you would never know that she thrift shops. Her house is decked out, she drives a very nice car, and she always looks fabulous. Well honey….she passed that right on down to me! She taught me the tips and the tricks and now I am kicking myself in the rear for not jumping on the thrifting bandwagon sooner.

I have been thrifting since 2003 and I absolutely love it! In fact, I am to the point where I almost won’t shop anywhere else because I don’t want to pay the amount of money. I was at the mall a few weeks ago and walked past Charlotte Russe and couldn’t resist myself. Walked in, found an adorable shirt, looked at the price tag of $27 dollars and quickly put it down and told my hubby “man,you know what I can get for $27 at the thrift store?!” Lol….of course he thinks that I have a thrifting addiction, BUT let’s stay on track and focus on this how to thrift shop tutorial. But seriously…once you start, you will NOT regret it ladies!

Reasons to Thrift Shop

Ok, so I just mentioned that I really like to thrift shop and how I got started with thrifting, but here are the real reasons why you should thrift shop.

Vintage Items

If you are like me, you can appreciate some of the vintage fashions. Well, thrift stores are notorious for having tons of vintage items. You will be surprised at how much vintage items you can find at these places. You can find fabulous dresses, rompers, and the most amazing jewelry items at thrift stores. Granted there are vintage stores out there, but thrift stores do carry vintage items that have been overlooked by many people because they just don’t know. For a while I sold vintage clothes on eBay and I found ALL of the items at thrift stores, so if you are into vintage fashion then it’s a goldmine.


Ok, this is another one of the main reasons behind why I thrift shop. Like I mentioned above, I would rather pay a couple of dollars for a nice Ann Taylor shirt that is used than to have to go to Ann Taylor and pay $42 for one. I mean, I guess if money is not a concern for you, then you are free to shop wherever, but for someone like me who definitely isn’t ”ballin” right now then saving dollars on clothes is definitely a great reason to go thrifting.

Different Styles

Another reason why I thrift shop is because you can pretty much create your own style and look somewhat different. When I was an avid Forever21 shopper back in the day, I remember seeing other ladies with the same shirt, I would fall in love with these adorable dresses and then boom there is another woman in the same dress at an event. Not only was this annoying, but it does take the originality from you a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still find pieces here and there from F21, but nothing like before. I have learned those hot items that I like from stores with different items and still have my own unique look.




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