My Michael Jackson Look

Hi Chicas!

Today I wore what I call my MJ Jacket! It’s one of my favorite blazers because of so many things. It is shiny, it is black and white, it fits great, and it has some sort of bedazzle on the front! It is a great addition to any boring outfit like the one I had today. I woke up this morning to see that the temperature was 43 degrees so I knew I was going to throw on these comfy flat boots. By the time 7am came the temperature was back up but nonetheless it worked for me today….Check it out:

Shirt: Walmart Jeans: F21 Blazer: Gifted Boots: Old (can’t remember) Jewelry: Premier Designs

So, this was a simple outfit but I was OH SOOOOO comfortable and it was perfect for the running around kinda day that I had. I am really looking forward to getting my eye exam done very soon. It’s time for me to get new contacts and I am getting tired of my glasses.

Fashion Tip of the Day:

Please believe that a blazer and accessories can take you a loooong way. On days like mine where I didn’t feel like dressing up, wearing heels, and doing too much, a simple tee shirt, blazer and accessories can finish up that look marvelously! 😉

Bueno ladies…..have a great night!


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