Hi Ladies,

I am really struggling this week! I came down with a nasty cold and have been coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose for the last 3 days. I decided to take this photo early this morning before heading out since I wasn’t sure how well put together I would look come the afternoon time. My outfit for today was inspired by the peacock colors…blues, greens, and gold. I found this blouse at my fave spot…the thrift of course and it instantly reminded me of a peacock. I struggled with what bottoms to pair it with since I had 4 choices of what I could wear it with. I opted for the green pants and the oversized vintage blazer since I am always cold at work and looking to get some warmth as I recover. So here it is..

Shirt, Blazer & Jeans: Thrifted Shoes: Ross Jewelry: Premier Designs

The blazer is actually navy blue but it looks black on the photos. I keep falling in love with this top every time that I look at it. Can’t wait to wear it again!

I am going to have to do a better close-up on my jewelry. These bracelets are HOTT!!

Enjoy the rest of the week Chicas! 😉


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  1. Love this entire look! You look so chic!

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