Protecting those Precious Hands

For those of us who don’t have a “house manager” or a on the spot manicurist, we have to do a little extra to keep or precious hands soft and beautiful. Here are a few tips that will definitely help your hands stay beautiful:
  1. Wash your hands frequently to keep you away from getting any unwanted bacteria or diesase
  2. Lotion your hands after washing, which always help them stay nice and moisturized. This decreases the risk of cracking of the skin, which is def not cute!
  3. Although i forget to do this many, many times, it is always good to wear gloves when using chemicals to clean the house. There are many chemicals that not only dry the skin severly, but they can also cause a reaction to your skin. Not to forget, those of us who pay for our nails to get done, wearing gloves when cleaning, and even washing dishes allows our mani or acrylics to last longer.
  4. When going out under the sun for a while, you should always apply sunscreen to your hands. This helps from damaging your hands through sun exposure.

Those were just a few tips that can help the beauty of our hands. Your hands are always seen and they must line up with the rest of your body. If your beautylicious, then your hands should also be the same!

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