Today was a chill day, so here is a quick OOTD…. For those of you ladies who claim I don’t dress down, HERE YA GO! lol… As hot as it has been these days I will definitely be wearing shorts, skirts, and tons of dresses with flats.


Shirt: Thrifted Shorts: Walmart Sandals: Jewelry: Premier Designs Bag: old

Talk Soon Ladies! I plan on working on a few reviews in the next week…Stay Tuned!


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  1. So cute! Love your sandals!!!

  2. Cute, relaxed and comfy is always the way to go. Really cute outfit!!

    I tend to wear more flats during the spring/summer, I just don’t feel like bothering with heels even high heel sandals when it’s hot out!!! LOL

    Carsedra of:

  3. Jessica says:

    How cute. Look at those legs!

  4. You look super cute and I love your sandals, they are gorgeous. What a great outfit!

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