The T3 Tourmaline Evolution Dryer and the T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

With the winter season being here and the damages that the weather can do to our beautiful hair, we will need to start using better styling tools. With that said, the latest styling tools that will care for your hair and are a must have are two things: the T3 Tourmaline Evolution dryer and the T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron.

If you like to have your hair dried in half of the time and then flat ironed as if it were done by a celebrity hair dresser, these two T3 Tourmaline products are a must have. The Tourmaline brand was started in 2004 and is known for being featherweight and for protecting your hair for a fearless, healthy look.

Tourmaline is infused in their T3 products and is a precious gemstone commonly found in jewelry and known as the ‘electric stone’ for its ability to naturally emit ionic energy and far infrared heat when put under pressure or heated. This is what causes the blow dryer and flat iron to make your hair healthier.

T3 Tourmaline Evolution Dryer

The T3 Tourmaline Evolution dryer is known for being super lightweight and for cutting the hair drying time by half! That’s a huge difference from the regular blow dryers that we are used to using. In fact, this blow dryer improves your hair as it dries and leaves your hair healthy and silkier than ever with an added natural shine. Dry, brittle, frizzy hair is transformed into unbelievably smooth, silky, shiny locks.

T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron

The T3 Tourmaline flat iron is definitely a must have this season and it delivers sleek, smooth, shiny, beautiful hair in a matter of minutes, without making your hair worse like many other flat irons do. The T3 Tourmaline flat iron is made of perfect material that will seal the cuticle and leave your hair moisturized and it glides smoothly for the perfect look.

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