October 2012 Shoe Dazzle Picks

It is the first week of the month, so you know what that means right?!?!? For me, that means that I have a new showroom to review over at ShoeDazzle! I am always excited to see the new items for some reason…don’t judge me! lol

So like I have been doing for the last few months, I’ll post my favorite pics, but before I do that I want to show you the boots I scored last week from them for just $17.92….woot woot!

Last week they had 30% off on boots sale plus I also had a $15 credit that I was able to use, so for just $18 I am very happy with these riding boots. ShoeDazzle is now offering a $15 credit to your account if you purchase within the first week of the month, so that is a great way to have that credit in there when they do run a sale….it’s what I did! 😉

Here is my first choice this month that may make my shopping cart:

Avoca Handbag in Tan

Heide Boots in Black

 Famke Printed Flats

Isanti Handbag

So, I must say that I am really torn between which one to choose. I know I want to get more boots in the closet, but really….I AM in Florida so I have a ways to go before I can start pulling out the boots without looking ridiculous in this 95 degree weather. I really want both of the handbags…I mean I REAAALLLY do! I think I have a master plan of getting one of them now and then I will have enough stylepoints to get the other bag for “FREE”!!!

Which one is your favorite?

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August 2012 ShoeDazzle Pics

Hey Chicas!

As you all know, I am all for ShoeDazzle( here is my full review). I am sooooo excited about the last two pair that I received for just $39.95! I got the Mariah wedges that I wore here  and the Cameo heels that I wore here. I have purchased over 8 items from them and have continued to be satisfied with the quality of their shoes as well as their bags. I mean really, for the price I think it is a deal! So, I am just looking at the selections for the month and while I have not made my choice I definitely have my eye on a few beauties:

These are the Elvia flats. They are adorable and of course that pink is on point in my book!

These are the Nadia wedges and I can definitely see these being worn several times in the Fall. Love them!

These are the Carine pumps. I think they are funky yet still chic. Definitely good for the workplace!

These are the Aerin pumps. While these I don’t “love” I can use these in my closet since I am in need of a green pair of shoes and I need them before Fall arrives.

Ok, so these are prob my favorite ones I think. these are the Arden heels and I think it is something about a strappy shoe like this that makes your legs look great!

So, those were my selections for the month. Of course there are a few more than I wouldn’t mind adding to my shoe closet, but I can live with getting just these! lol

If you want to see the rest or to sign up visit ShoeDazzle here! Which ones are your favorites and how would you pair them?



What can $40 Get You At ShoeDazzle?

Ok Ladies, so you all already know that I am a sucker for sales, right!? As you already know (if you have read my previous Shodazzle Review post) I really like their shoes, the quality, and definitley the packaging! This week I received my order of two lovely items…..the Deidred Shoes and the Galveston bag. Take a Look:



Now, what is funny about this purchase is that i had these two items in my wish list last month. I keep a list of my wish list and my must have items in my Kindle Fire and these two were at the top of the list. I was browing around and noticed that they had a “steals” section within the ShoeDazzle interface and of course I was all in! They actually had both of these items in there at 50% off, so guess what?!?

I grabbed both items for just $39.95!!! I am too excited because the bag alone is worht more than that! I absolutely LOVE the feel, the look, and everything about it.

Take a Look:


If you are not sure about the ShoeDazzle site, be sure to check out my full review here and if you are ready to take advantage of a few 50% items…shop here!


ShoeDazzle – My Honest ShoeDazzle Review

ShoeDazzle – Here is what I think about the new Shoe Dazzle Shoe Site

Good Evening to all You DIVAs! Today I have had a very LONG and must I say hard workday. I have been learning QuickBooks and have been transferring all of my records into the system. Needless to say, I have wrecked my brain and I am now ready for something exciting that will brighten this long drawn out day.

Today I received my third order from Shoe Dazzle and immediately it turned my not so bright day to something that I usually feel when I get a new pair of shoes…a divine feeling. I mean, a pair of shoes can turn any girls frown upside down and make them forget about what happened previously, right!? Ok, so Let’s get to it.

Have You Heard of ShoeDazzle?

If you have not, let me tell you my new found secret! ShoeDazzle is a website that is dedicated to Shoe lovers! If you want to feel a little pampered with a great pair of shoes each month, then this is for you! ShoeDazzle is basically a shoe club that is endorsed by the beautiful Kim Kardashian.

The great thing about this club, unlike a few others out there is that it is personalized to your style. ShoeDazzle will give you a short survey when you sign up with different styles that may interest you and based on the choices presented you will choose the one that you like the most. After that process, every month you will have hand picked selections of shoes, jewelry, and handbags to view and purchase. The cost of the memberships is ONLY $39.95 (not too bad, right?) and it will allow you to choose one item a month! Of course you can buy more if you wish, but can you imagine getting a new pair of shoes, bag, or jewelry piece every single month?

This is now my third month with Shoe Dazzle and I will say that I am extremely happy with the selections, the service, and of course the items that I have received.

ShoeDazzle Reviews

Ok, so I am sure you want to know ALL about the items that I purchased, the quality, and if it was worth the money so here are my thoughts!

The Packaging

Let me tell you, the packaging is DIVINE! As most of you know and realize, I LOVE the color pink and so the colors of the shoe boxes is great. The items came beautifully packaged with a nice tissue paper and ShoeDazzle sticker and both the purse and the shoes actually have their own bag to place your shoes and your purse. It shows that each item was carefully packaged and got the attention that it needed to make sure that the packaging was perfect.

What About the Quality?

Ok, so it has been three months and I currently have received 2 pairs of shoes and a bag. The quality of the shoes are not those of a $40 pair of shoe and in fact the shoes actually look much more expensive than what they really are. The bag is a beautiful office style handbag and it is JUST what the doctor ordered for a nice over-sized bag. I will say that the material is not what I expected it to be because i thought it had a shine, but it didn’t. The bag is still to die for and the perfect size for my 5″2 frame! I like them BIG! 😉

Ok, so I am sure you want to take a peek, so here are the photos:

So, let’s start from the left, the beautiful pair names Amour in a gray and turquoise color with gold studs.

The Bag is the Serra Handbag in Grey that will definitely match the shoes.

And, the lovely exclusive Mel B shoe! This shoe is just HOT. So hot that it was sold out within a few hours after it was introduced. It is the Mel B shoe! 100% of the proceeds went to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, so it was not just the shoe that made it special, it was also the cause! How is that for a nice fundraiser? Put out a nice pair of shoes and donate the funds. They will get ME every time!

Ok, so there you have it…My honest ShoeDazzle Review that came straight from a true shoe lover! I think that if you like to feel pampered, you love a pair of shoes, handbag, or jewelry piece then this is just for you! The best thing is that it is FREE to join and you won’t be billed until you decide to purchase…so you really have nothing to lose!

Sign Up For FREE at Shoe Dazzle Now!

If You Are Still Unsure…Check out the Other Testimonials Below:

Testimonials on Style impressed with options, amazing pairs, super stylish, fits my personality perfectly, selections were all my style

I look forward to the first of every month wondering what shoes will be sent to me to pick from. And I love how you have my taste of shoes down to perfection. I have told every single woman about this website and I hope you are around forever!!!!
Marti P., Centennial, CO

You all make your customers feel like everything is personalized for them, response is personal and quick and shoe selections are great!
Denise L., Las Cruces, NM

I was extremely impressed with the options. You guys exceeded my expectations totally!!!! I thought the selections were ALL my style.
Victoria M., Willingboro, NJ

I checked my account today and found exactly what I asked for. Thank you ShoeDazzle Fashionistas!! You guys rock!!!
Ana G., El Segundo, CA

You have accommodated and helped me to transcend out of making the color Black as my only option. Not only do you provide a selection to choose from, but you also provide the reason for the choice and a fashion vision that will work with the shoe. I am your newest and soon to be oldest client.
Wanda S., Bronx, NY

I have been a huge fan of shoes my entire life and have a closet full of them. I must say, though, my new ShoeDazzle pairs are THE most amazing pairs I own. Not only are they super stylish and fit my personality perfectly, they are super comfortable.
Andrea C., Sylmar, CA

Testimonials on Quality
attention to detail, fantastic, beautiful, comfortable to wear all day, impressed with the style and quality 

I just have to tell you guys that this is the most wonderful idea ever. I received my first pair of shoes last month and they are absolutely fabulous! The quality is great, the packaging was well thought out with awesome attention to detail.
Sarah L., Canonsburg, PA

I am addicted to ShoeDazzle and am telling all my friends about it! The shoes are beautiful and the price point is perfect for my single parent, still want to be fashionable budget!!! I will never buy shoes in the store again!
Camille J., Fresno, CA

Not only have I recieved tons of compliments on my new shoes but they are comfortable enough for me to wear all day at work where I am on my feet almost all day long. Your product and service is the greatest thing for shoe a holics like myself.
Kristina M., San Diego, CA

I have always loved shopping, but I didn’t even know I was a “shoe” girl until becoming a member of the ShoeDazzle Society. I have received two pairs and was so impressed with the style and quality that I ordered another pair on top of my monthly selection.
Michelle M., Carrollton, TX

Testimonials on Customer Service
fast shipping, prompt delivery, great customer service, respond in timely manner, making it easy for me

I am thrilled to have a membership with you. I just received my pair of shoes today and was amazed with the prompt delivery and the excellent service I received over the phone. In addition, the quality of the shoes is exceptional and I was surprised by how comfortable the shoe fits. Thank you for making me such a delighted client!
Monique M., Chicago, IL

What do you think of these other Shoe Dazzle reviews?  Just what you have been waiting for all your life, RIGHT?

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