Top 10 Diet Foods


  1. Egg Whites: they are made of pure protein and a blend of important amino acids.

  1. Sweet Potatoes: Rich in vitamin A, C, and B6.

  1. Broccoli: only twenty-five calories for a three-ounce serving and 155% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C.

  1. Lentils: A great source of plant protein and rich in other nutrients.

  1. Whole Wheat Pasta: Contains more fiber and more nutrients than regular pasta.

  1. Carrots: Extremely high in beta carotene and vitamin A.

  1. Tuna: Contains Omega-3 fatty acids responsible for lowering cholesterol.

  1. Oatmeal: Contains linoleic acid, an essential nutrient.

  1. Bananas: Loaded with potassium and other valuable nutrients.

  1. Turkey: Leaner than any other meat.
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