Vintage Pleats…

Hi Chicas!

Today I am showing you something a little different. I picked this skirt up while thrifting one day because I love a pleated skirt and the floral designs are so in right now! This skirt is definitely something I would have caught my Grandma wearing when she was alive and all day I have been reminded of her every time that I notice what I am wearing.

So when I picked this skirt up I wasn’t sure what I would be pairing it up with, but then I came home and came up with the bright idea of wearing my pearly lace top with a hot pink shirt underneath. It did look good together when I put it on, but when put on the shoes and then the blazer, there was too much pink. Granted I do LOVE pink, but it wasn’t what I was looking for when I threw it all together.

Shirt: Walmart Skirt and Blazer: Thrifted Belt: H&M Shoes & Clutch: Consignment Shop Jewelry: Premier Designs

After looking at the photos, I am REALLY liking this look. Not something I would normally wear, but I think it is so girly! I did get several comments today which caught me by surprise because I just knew that some ladies wouldn’t be too fond of the skirt…Nonetheless, I’M happy with it and guess what!?   Hubby liked it! Woot Woot!

 Have a Great One DIVAS! ;)

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  1. Very pretty look!

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